Cold Windows, Hot Dog!

November 21, 2008 at 11:26 pm | Posted in Green Solutions, Homemade, Our Sun Room | 3 Comments
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It’s cold here! Brr. This week marks the beginning of at least months of coldness – I won’t be warm again until March, at the earliest. Every year around this time I wonder why I live here. But then it snows and I get used to the cold, and once again, all is well with the world. I’d miss snow too much to live in a more temperate climate. On the other hand, I wouldn’t miss cold feet.

Anyways, this post is about more than my feet. It’s about the temperature outside. It’s a small number. So small that I’m not ready to think about it yet. (At least it’s not negative).

And being that we live in an old house with all original windows, it is drafty here! I can just feel the cold seeping in around the windows, and it’s no good. I shudder to think at all of the heat flowing out of the windows. Hello, high heating bill, bye bye, money!

I love my old, dirty windows – even if they are drafty.

We’ve got all of the storm windows down, but it’s not much help. Last year, we put 3M window plastic over a few of the windows. I think it really helped, and it’s nice that the 3M plastic is clear – so clear that we hardly noticed it was there. Although, at $15 for coverage of 2 windows, it would get costly if we covered every window in the house.

We’ve put curtains up over many of the windows, and they also cut down on the draft although, I’m not sure they work as well as the window plastic. I’ve lined the curtains in the sunroom with a thermal lining fabric (it also cuts out most of the light coming through the curtains, making it twice as great for use on bedroom windows – yay for sleeping in!). Our sunroom is almost exclusively windows, and there’s always a cold draft coming from there. So tonight I worked on a few more panels for those windows.

Can you figure out which panel is the new one?

I still have to hem up the sides and bottoms, but you get the idea. My only concern is that the new panel is a slightly different color than the older panels. It looks less obvious in person than in the pictures, but I wonder if it will drive me crazy, or if it will fade to the shade of the other curtains before I even notice.

Anyways, insulating the curtains seems to be a little more cost-effective. The material is a bit more expensive upfront (I think I paid $6/yard, plus I had a 40% off coupon), but at least it’s reuseable and I only have to buy it once! It’s earth-friendly and wallet-friendly. Yay!

I’ve also heard that simply adding a plastic shower curtain to the back of the regular curtain can help reduce drafts – has anyone had luck/experience with that approach? Any other tips on reducing drafts from old windows?

And, since he’s the topic of this post, I couldn’t leave you without a picture of our very own hot dog!

Hot dog!

He’s been sitting in front of the fire all night and his fur is so warm… Every time Jason walks past him, he pets him and yells, “hot dog!” Jason thinks this is hysterical. Barley is not impressed.



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  1. Not a solution for drafty windows but I do remember how cold your floor was last year. Did you happen to put insulation in the basement joists or do I pack my wool skivvies for next week?

  2. Hey the coolest thing in heat is an electric mattress pad. You can turn it on early evening before you crawl upstairs to your freezing cold bed and voila…just like summer without the mosquitoes.
    Tami of the Tundra

  3. The electric mattress pad is great. Jackie absolutely loves the one I bought for her, 50 bucks at Fleet Farm.
    Did you try caulking the gaps of the windows to keep the cold air out? You can buy caulk that will peel off like rubber cement in the spring time. I did it in my apartment in Tosa and it works pretty well.

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