Sisterly Love

November 20, 2008 at 7:38 pm | Posted in Silly | 3 Comments

So, I did something kind of silly. I entered a contest.

You see, I’ve been eying up fancy cameras for a while now. The kind with the changeable lenses. Like these from Canon.

Anyways, to make a long story short, I stumbled across PictureItPostage’s Get Real Contest. Here’s a description of the contest (from the website linked above):

Every holiday season we’re delighted to see the latest photos from our friends and families. But for every picture perfect family photo, there are dozens that ended up on the editing room floor. Whether holiday-themed or everyday, we’re asking families to show us their real photos for the PictureItPostage™ “Get Real” Photo Contest. Helping make the season brighter, PictureItPostage™ wants to find (and reward) the best of the worst in this year’s photos.

And I remembered coming across this photo when I was scanning in pictures for our wedding slideshow.

And I thought, hey, I should submit that to the contest. Nevermind that I don’t enter contests, ever, because I am always skeptical that they are some sort of scam. But for a camera? (or some stamps – that’s the runner-up prize). Sure! Why not!

So I had completely forgotten about even entering the contest until I received an email today telling me that my picture made the cut – I am one of eight finalists. That’s a 1 in 8 chance of winning a sweet $700 camera!

Does anyone else think this is hysterical? Finally, some good may come out of our sibling rivalry (unfortunately, the picture above makes me look like a bit of a brute. I assure you I wasn’t actually strangling her – I was just trying to get her to smile nice for the picture. I swear.)

Scratch that. Ignore the whole post. Jason just told me I’d probably jinxed the whole thing.

(In any case, I’ll let you know when voting opens… I’ll need you all to cast a vote (or two or eight) in my favor.)



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  1. I hope I’m not jinxing you by wishing you luck….but GOOD LUCK! I’ll get everyone I know to vote. That picture is adorable but I’d like to get Ashley’s take on what was actually happening. Maybe that’s how you can get Jason to smile more.

  2. I had completely forgotten about that one…you also could have used the picture where you were hugging her too tightly when she was an infant. Seems you had that same demonic look on your face. Too funny that you are a finalist!!! Hope it’s ok that it is an old picture!

    PS: You didn’t reveal your mother’s name did you?

  3. Watch out it isn’t a con. Dont send money. I always get spooked with something for nothing.

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