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We’re on vacation! (or business, depending on how you view things.)

JT and I made the trip from the cities to our nation’s capital (and birthplace of JT) yesterday, and we’re pretty psyched to be here. We had a great trip, filled with chocolate chip cookies thanks to the awesomeness that is Midwest Airlines. We had a stopover in MKE for lunch, so Mom and brother Trevor met us. It was so fun to see them and catch up on the gossip (Trevor had some SERIOUS gossip to share about his 5th grade class. It’s so funny how quickly he’s growing up all of a sudden). Even if we will see them in a week and a half for Turkey Day. And, yes, Mom, I am DEFINITELY holding you to your offer to help peel wallpaper and paint!

In embarrassing news, I left my ipod on the plane. This marks the second thing I’ve left somewhere in the last 4 months. Shortly after we landed, I received a phone call saying that they had found the ipod and I can pick it up in the MKE airport on my return trip. I suspect this has to do with the fact that a) it’s a first generation model, b) my name is engraved on the back, and c) midwesterners are nice.

Anyways, we made it here. I ran into 2 people I knew from grad school on our flights, so it was nice to catch up with them for a bit. We grabbed the metro and headed to our hotel (yes, a taxi would have been paid for, since I’m technically here on business, but, hey! we *heart* public transit).

We got a little lost on our way from the metro station to the hotel (it was a 4-block walk). I had my spidey senses out, and they were telling me where to go, but JT insisted we were lost. When I offered to ask someone on the street which way Vermont Avenue was, he looked at me, HORRIFIED, and said in a hushed voice, “you don’t do that here.” I’m all, “what? You think we’re lost, why would we NOT ask a local for directions.” But, according to Jason, a native East-coaster, you most certainly DO NOT ask other passers by for directions. Even if the humidity is at 98% and it’s just been raining. Even if it’s dark. Even if you’re hungry and toting a suitcase around. I wonder if other East-Coasters will agree with his assessment (because I don’t buy it). Feel free to comment and end our debate.

JT stomping around the city with a suitcase.

Anyways, we got in around dinnertime and called our friends to meet us for dinner. We ended up roaming the city for about an hour looking for somewhere to eat… the city was overrun with neuroscientists and ACDC fans due to a meeting and a concert, respectively. It was probably one of the strangest combinations of people ever. Ahh… DC is a melting pot. Right?

After walking for a bit and passing several very cool but uber crowded restaurants, we stopped at Harrys. It looked like a decent enough pub – dark wood, pool tables, tvs, and (most importantly) there wasn’t a line. Imagine our surprise when the hostess paraded us through the entire restaurant, out the back door, through a dingy hotel lobby, and then into an entirely different restaurant. Harriett’s had blue vinyl booths, bright lights, and small children. “Same menu” the hostess explained before leaving us alone and completely dumbfounded.

I sat there for about 30 seconds before deciding that I had just traveled all day and was. not. interested. in eating in a glorified Denny’s. Snotty? Yes. But I’m on vacation! I want to check out the local cuisine. So I made everyone get up and go somewhere else. And we ended up at Ella’s woodfire pizza grill, and it was amazing. At Ella’s, we had delicious gourmet pizzas, an amazing waiter, and drinks! Good drinks! Lots of drinks (and by “lots of” I mean “more than 2”)! So we sat there and chatted for about 4 hours. And then met up with other friends and had more drinks. And by 3 am, we needed chips and gatorade, so we headed back to the hotel (which conveniently houses a CVS). And the reason I’m telling you all of this is so that when I blog at 9pm on a Friday or mention that I can’t stay up past 10pm – even on weekends, you will remember this one time when I stayed out past midnight and was social. Like, with real people. Fun people.

At Ella’s

JT and our awesome waiter.


This morning, Jason’s parents and aunt and uncle drove down from Philly to spend some time with us. We hit up the old Ebbett Grill, which was delicious. I had some awesome pumpkin french toast with maple syrup and just thinking about it now makes my mouth water. Mmm.

JT and the Jims

After brunch, we headed to the mall and checked out the Museum of Natural History and the American Indian Museum. A good time was had by all. Even if I don’t quite understand the relationship between CO2 emissions and the pH of the ocean, even if JT made me look at tarantulas and centipedes, and even if the popcorn cart closed before he could purchase any.

We saw this on the way to the mall. Can you see the yucky-ness here? Here’s another hint:

Yep, it was a rat! First city rat I’ve seen in a while…

JT and I in front of the capitol.

JT angry about the closed popcorn stand.

Awesome view of the capitol at sunset.

This cart has a nicer kitchen than our house. We were a little jealous.

After our mall adventures, we said goodbye to the fam so that we could get ready for a business dinner (the reason we’re here). Dinner was a bit awkward at first, as we didn’t know anyone else in the room, but we quickly started talking with a few others and were served an amazing Louisiana-inspired seafood meal, so all went well.



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  1. I wouldn’t ask for directions. Kevin would. Sorry, no help here.

  2. It’s a man thing; men don’t ask for directions.I think I could count on one hand the number of times Jim has asked for directions and have fingers left over.
    It was really fun to see you and Jason. It also reminded me that we need to visit Washington more often.

  3. I don’t know, that east-coast don’t ask directions thing doesn’t hold water with me either. Remember when we were in Boston? We didn’t have to ask anyone, they knew we were lost and asked if we needed help even before WE knew we did. But maybe that’s the difference, they’ll help if you don’t ask, but if you ask, you are shunned and ridiculed.

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