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I *really* hoped that this post would have pictures of a completely wallpaperless study. Instead, I am stalling, because we’re going to need another week (or even two) to remove all of the paper.  We started removing the paper using only water and soap because a colleague had mentioned that this worked as effectively as the chemical stuff you can buy.  We quickly discovered, though, that soap and water did not do the job.  So we purchased Dif, an enzymatic wallpaper stripper, because we are scientists and like enzymes.

But still, getting rid of the wallpaper (and the layers of paint over it) has been tricky at best.

I want to know when (and why) it was popular to wallpaper the ceiling.  Because we’ve got wallpaper on the ceiling in every bedroom, and if it’s taken us this long to remove half of the wallpaper in our smallest room… oh man.  I don’t even want to think about how long it will take us to get rid of the rest.

Honestly, it seemed easier when we did this last time… (when we had to remove it from the ceiling of our Kentucky house).  So now, to distract you, I am going to show you pictures of that glorious process.  Pictures of our current (and very slow) process will be on the way as soon as we’re done.  Until then, offers to help and/or tips to make things go faster will be gladly accepted.

Jason hard at work scraping the top layer of paper and paint off of the ceiling.

Jason hard at work removing the rest of the wallpaper (using dif).  FYI there were also pictures of me helping, but most of the shots were taken straight up my nose, and I refuse to post bad pictures of myself on my own blog.  So there.

Ahh… a wallpaperless ceiling (if only this is what our current study ceiling looked like… sigh.)



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  1. Just wondering if you are rolling something over the paint to poke holes through it to allow the dif to soak in? I think it was called “the tiger” which was a little hand-held tool that kind of looked like a pastry crimper but had sharp little teeth on the edges of the round disks that would cut into the paint and paper to help the chems get through. otherwise you could score the ceiling with a razor blade??

  2. Oh yes, we’ve got the tiger! Only problem is… in some areas the paint is so thick that the tiger has problems cutting through it.

    That and in other places, someone patched OVER the wallpaper with a heck of a lot of wall putty. So that is a pain to scrape off, but I haven’t actually found any major cracks under the putty, so I wonder if the wallpaper made the little crack look bigger than it is.

  3. Good luck!!!!! Now that was a lot of help, wasn’t it? Love,GGG

  4. I like the wish list down the side! Now where’s Jasons?Love GGG

  5. Quite a job. GGG and I scraped 6 rooms of wallpaper in our house on stickney ave.I still carry the scars from the plaster sand on my knuckels. After a day of scraping and only getting a part of a room done, I want to a local paint shop and rented a steamer.It had a square commercial type cake pan that you put against the wall and paper for a minute and then scraped the hot steam wet paper off. It was really slick after trying other methods.The steam was generated by a little heater on the floor and went up a hose to the “cake pan”. You might look into that at some of you local decorating stores. If the heater works with fire make sure the room is properly vented so you don’t kill the dog.
    Lov ya both,

  6. Ha, that’s so nice of GpaGG to be concerned about your dog!

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