Thanks for your service!

November 11, 2008 at 10:05 pm | Posted in Holidays | 2 Comments

To all of the veterans out there: happy veterans day! Thank you for all that you’ve done for our country!

Here are some pictures of our favorite veterans! (family: please let us know if we’re forgetting anyone, or share any info about them that we’re missing!)

The handsome guys above are J’s grandfathers.  I never had the pleasure of meeting either of these two handsome men, but I’ve been told that I would have loved them.

This handsome guy is my very own grandpa.
He served in Italy shortly after he met and fell in love with my grandma.

This good-looking couple is my aunt Bettie and Uncle Erv.  Uncle Erv served in the Korean War.



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  1. What a nice tribute!You really would have loved both of Jason’s grandfathers and they would have loved you!In addition to serving their country, they served those around them with their love and kindness.
    I have such fond memories of my Dad on the floor playing with his grandchildren and I’m sad that Jim’s dad didn’t live to see ANY of his grandchildren.
    Here’s to all the veterans!

  2. I left this three days ago but don’t ask me what happened to it. Your Greatgrandpa Perry was in the first WW in Germany and Greatgrandpa Pilling was a dental consultant in the Navy at Great Lakes Naval Center during the second WW

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