How Much is Too Much?

November 10, 2008 at 10:01 pm | Posted in Budget, Our 3/4 Bath, Our Kitchen | 3 Comments
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Our kitchen is not too pretty. And not very functional, either. For example, we don’t have a stove, our microwave is on loan from friends J&A (thanks guys!), we purchased our fridge off of craigslist for $20 (that included delivery) and it’s now beginning to leak in funny places, and the cabinet under the sink is beginning to rot away. And, let’s just say that the sink/cabinet/linoleum floor/tile ceiling are not really our style.

So we’ll be remodeling the kitchen. And, by that I mean, we’ll be hiring someone else to do the actual work. Because as willing as we are to remove wallpaper, paint, and landscape, moving pipes and electrical are a little beyond our skills. I talked with one remodeling company today, and they will be coming out next week to take a look. Until then, she asked me to compile a list of needs and wants, and to form a budget. We have a pretty good idea of what we’d need and want in a kitchen, but absolutely no clue when it comes to making a budget for a project this big.

We’re lucky enough to be able to expand the current (small) kitchen into a 4th bedroom. Having a bedroom located directly off of the kitchen seems strange to us anyways. The 4th bedroom has a toilet in one of the closets, so we thought we’d see if we could add in a 3/4 bath while we’re remodeling the kitchen.

So, it’s survey time!

How much would you pay to go from this

Current kitchen: no appliances! moldy cabinets! ugly linoleum! no space to cook!

4th bedroom conveniently located off of the kitchen!
(we’ve unpacked at least 1/2 of these boxes since the move)

Toilet in the closet of the extra room off the kitchen. Very handy, but also super-disgusting since there’s no place to wash your hands!

to this?

From This Young House

From the Newlywed Diaries

Help us figure out a range for our budget! Leave a comment with what you’d expect to pay for just a kitchen remodel, or a kitchen + 3/4 bath remodel!



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  1. If you go with high end cabinets and appliances, I’m guessing 30,000 for the kitchen and an extra 7,000 for the bath. The problem is you’ll be removing a wall, which maybe load bearing, and moving/adding plumbing and electrical which takes a licensed person. Good luck and watch out for sticker shock.

  2. Good luck on that, I have no idea anymore! Hopefully the remodelers are creative types.

  3. $22,324…. The wall will be easy (not load bearing). Three things to watch out for to control cost…
    Door out to the new deck, this can be a huge cost or a reasonable cost but make suer is will be hig enough grade to keep out the weather and take many years of abuse. Cabinets- the biggest cost fluctuation is in cabinets— pick a stule and have Mom or Aunt Teresa price them out through the cabinet wholeseller and have a drop ship.
    AND How much other stuff you are having done atathe same time (full house rewire all new windows etc…

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