Fireplace Weather

November 7, 2008 at 9:07 pm | Posted in Our Living Room | 3 Comments
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Look what I woke up to this morning:


I then spent most of the morning daydreaming about Christmas cookies and Santa. And fires in the fireplace.

One of my favorite things about winter is being able to cozy up to a nice warm fire. Especially since we tend to be relatively conservative with the heat. And by conservative, I mean that you can often find us wearing 2 sweaters and a hat inside the house during winter.

We moved in last December, but didn’t have our chimney swept until 2 weeks ago. And, it’s a good thing we had it cleaned out – the chimney sweep found 2 dead birds and a few nests (I know, because he showed them to me). The chimney sweep also gave the chimney and firebox a thumbs-up, and we were so happy to hear that – fireplace fixes can be costly!

I also managed to talk him into taking the ugly old brass doors off of the firebox – they were stained, worn, and didn’t close properly. I am so pleased with the new look of the fireplace without the doors – I think it looks much better!

Before – with brass doors (our black metal firescreen is attempting to hide them)

After – Sans old doors, + fire



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  1. I love the new blog title!I also like the fireplace without the doors.
    Your first snow as a married couple-how adorable! I hope we don’t have to live vicariously through YOUR snowfalls again this year. Maybe, just maybe, we’ll actually get some this year.

  2. Cute new post and I like the color combo…is this also the color combo of the study?

    You mean the kitchen isn’t next? I think dad was dreaming about ripping out all of those cabinets and punching a few holes in walls over Thanksgiving….but I guess that honor will go to Jason when that time comes! Lucky dog!

    @ Debbie ~ now that you have visited the midwest, how about moving here and bringing Bridget with you?(oh, and Jim of course) We have some great schools to teach at and the kids are pretty well behaved…then Kevin could get a job here and the babies would have some good schools to attend(I hear California schools are not that great). A kind of EAST meets WEST in the middle and everybody lives happily ever after and you get your SNOW!!!
    Wow, I really do need to get a hobby(as Robby so kindly told me), now I am planning everyone’s life for them!

  3. ohh your house looks so pretty! i cant wait to see it…i love the wall colors you picked out! pottery barn has some really pretty fabrics..but im sure they cost an arm, a leg, and probably a head too..when i come home over thanksgiving i will for sure come over, help you with the wallpaper stuff…but only if you have a fire in your old brand new fire place! 😉

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